HILLA Sports Technology Growth Mill

Growth opportunities for ICT in Sports: discuss business and development collaboration opportunities in top level sports with the US Olympic Committee and La Liga Labs, and join accelerated developments from research to business

Finnish companies and researchers have been among the pioneers in taking sports analytics and sports technologies out of the labs into field uses, i.e. the actual locations and moments of training, play and recovery. The field is rapidly growing and international interest toward Finnish skill-sets and developments in this area is stronger than ever. For many companies in the field, Professional Sports is also an important first adopter market on the way to wider opportunities in Digital Health.

HILLA is a program designed to accelerate the process from research to business of Finnish ICT technologies, skills and research. Come join this HILLA Growth Mill seminar to learn about needs in Sports Analytics and discuss business and development collaboration possibilities.          

Agenda of the event:

12.30   Event opening and introduction to HILLA, Jani-Mikael Kuusisto, Business Development (HILLA Growth Mill), Sr. Scientist (VTT)

12.45   Athletes to Superheroes: how technology is reshaping sports, Dr. Mounir Zok, Ph.D., Director of Technology and Innovation, US Olympic Committee

13.20   Every stroke counts … realtime quality control for competitive swimmers, Riku Rimpelä, CEO, Trainesense Ltd. + swimmer (tba) (https://fi.linkedin.com/in/rikurimpela)

13.40   Future prospective of intelligent EMG wearables, Janne Pylväs, CEO, Myontec Ltd. (https://fi.linkedin.com/in/jannepylvas)

14.00   Case La Liga Lab, tba , Barrabés Next (Spain/Finland)

14.20   Summary of HILLA collaboration openings

Coffee break

14.55   5 minute introductory pitches of on-going Sports Technology developments

Max. 5 pitches of existing Sports Technology offering and on-going developments. Send your proposals by June 27.

15.20   Collaboration and project idea sparring together with HILLA staff.

15.50   Summary & next steps, Jani-Mikael Kuusisto, Business Development (HILLA Growth Mill), Sr. Scientist (VTT)

The attendace is free of charge, but note that space at the event is limited.

Registrations by July 1 in the link below

More information:

Jani-Mikael Kuusisto 040–715 4085

Ari Auvinen 040-7548 122

Registration is already closed.

Event time

5.7.2016 12:30
5.7.2016 16:00

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Event location

Innopoli 2, Edison
Tekniikantie 14


Jani-Mikael Kuusisto
+358 40 715 4085