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In order to generate new digital solutions for Tampere urban environment, SenCity-project, Tredea and New Factory join forces to organize SenCity DigiDay innovation contest. All students, companies and communities interested in developing innovative digital products are welcomed to participate. The aim of the contest is to discover new, inspiring ideas and technologies for user-oriented services in city centre.  The best proposals will be rewarded by funding the idea demonstration. The best ideas could also be piloted with the support of SenCity project in Tampere or in other participating cities.    

Registration open until 13.5.2016 in



SenCity DigiDay is an innovation contest for service providers and application developers about future digital services of urban environment. The target area is the Tampere Keskustori that comprises all kinds of activities. Especially during summer time Keskustori is the scene of concerts and other events, where as in everyday life for example public transport occupies part of the area. Consequently, the innovation contest focuses on following topics:

  • Mass events
  • Public transport
  • Interactivity between the city and the citizens
  • Augmented reality

SenCity-project will build smart urban environment in Tampere Keskustori consisting of smart lighting with communication and sensing infrastructure. The main square luminaires will be updated with RGB colours and DMX control. Also, test implementation of advanced base station network that provides significant amount of communication and computing capacity is planned. The SenCity infrastructure is available for demonstrating of the innovation contest results.      



SenCity DigiDay is held 17.5.2016 at Tampere, Satakunnankatu 18 A, location TalentSpace/Finlayson.

During SenCity DigiDay new digital services for urban environment are innovated and developed together with the help of experts from the participating organizations. By the end of the day, the contest jury will reward the best proposals by granting funding for the idea demonstration. The aim of the day is to find solutions to be piloted at Keskustori together with SenCity-project.


Program of the day:

9.00 Opening and introduction

  • Target area and objectives
  • Technical possibilities by the SenCity infrastructure
  • Organization of the group work

10.00 -16.00 Working in groups with the help of experts.

12.00 -13.00 Mid-term feedback & Boost

  • Chance to introduce the idea to the jury and get feedback.

16.00 Presentation of the results (10 min/ idea)

18.00 Rewarding the winners, celebration



Use link below to register with your name and short description of your idea / interest.

All students, companies and communities interested in developing innovative digital products are welcome. One can participate as a part of a group or as an individual. DigiDay organizer will help forming and finding groups for individual participants. Also, external experts will recruited by the organizer.



Innovations are evaluated based on their added value to the urban environment, for example how experimental, entertaining, informing, marketing, or socially interacting the proposed innovations are. The added value can be considered from the city, citizen or business perspective. In addition, the ideas are evaluated based on their …

  • business potential
  • feasibility and future development potential of the practical implementation
  • compatibility with the target area environment and activities      

The proposals will be evaluated by the jury of representatives from City of Tampere, Tredea, New Factory, VTT, Oulu University and SenCity companies. Innovation contest is part of SenCity-project funded by Tekes.



1 - 3 best proposals will be rewarded by granting funding for the idea demonstration. In addition, jury can reward good proposals with honorary award.

The best ideas can be piloted and developed further with the support of SenCity-project and New Factory activities. The SenCity infrastructure to be built in Keskustori is available for demonstrations. First pilots could be implemented during autumn 2016. The piloting possibilities can also be arranged in other SenCity locations and cities.

SenCity DigiDay is an excellent opportunity to test your own ideas in real city environment. By joining in, advanced technical infrastructure and expertise is available for you to be used to develop and realize your future plans. Furthermore, SenCity DigiDay provides visibility, credibility and good contacts for the contest participants.

The prize money is 5000€ that can be divided between 1 – 3 best proposals based on jury decision. The contest organizer withholds the right to not to reward any proposal.



SenCity DigiDay is open for public. Afterwards, only the public descriptions prepared by the contest participants will be available.  

All rights related to the contest proposals remain to their creators.



Tredea, New Factory

SenCity – project, Tekes

VTT, Oulu University

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Event time

17.5.2016 09:00
17.5.2016 21:00

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Event location

Tampere, TalentSpace/Finlayson
Satakunnankatu 18 A
33210 Tampere